Registration Forms and Brochure

For the Winter/Spring 2018 swim season dates, registration fees and other information, please check out the 2018 Winter/Spring Swim Program Brochure.

Click here to see the winter/spring practice schedule.

There are limited spaces available for the fall swim season. Please contact the team registrar, greenbeltswim AT gmail DOT com, with questions.


Our Fall, Winter and Spring Swim Training Programs prepare swimmers for GMST’s competitive summer season. Swim training participants are expected to swim for GMST in the upcoming summer season.

New Swimmers
IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE TEAM, you must come to our home pool at the Greenbelt Aquatic and Fitness Center (GAFC) to be evaluated by our coach. The best time for the evaluation is during the Open House on January 23rd, 2018 between 5:30-6:30pm. If the season has already started, you can come early to a swim practice (check out the practice schedule) to take a swim test. Just ask for a coach. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit!

Residency and GAFC Membership
THERE IS NO RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT TO JOIN THE GMST FALL AND WINTER/SPRING TRAINING PROGRAMS. However, to swim with GMST during the summer competition season, you must either be a Greenbelt resident* OR become a member of the Greenbelt Aquatic and Fitness Center (GAFC).

*Greenbelt residents are those who live within the corporate limits of Greenbelt, pay City taxes and are entitled to vote in City elections. Residents of Greenbelt Road and 6999-7699 Hanover Parkway are not considered Greenbelt residents.

Tips for using the registration system

(1) If you are a returning family, make sure to choose the option to “sign in using your email address” which will direct you to your portal page. All your information should already be there, and you can update it at this point to reflect any changes. **This is important so that we don’t have duplicates and risk voiding your registration altogether!**

(2) If you have multiple children to register, you will go through the registration process for one child, then when you are at the REVIEW CART & CHECK OUT screen, you will see a blue link to “+ ADD ANOTHER REGISTRATION”. **This is very important if you want to get the sibling discount!** The sibling discount will be applied at checkout. Again, if you are a returning family, all your children’s information should already be in there unless you are adding a new swimmer (which is a perfectly acceptable thing to do – yay, the more Barracudas the merrier!)

(3) You have 15 minutes to complete the registration otherwise you will be timed out; don’t start registering and then walk off to do something else.

(4) You must pay in full to register online (with credit card or your checkbook). If you wish to pay in person, please attend the Open House on January 23rd, 2018 at 5:30pm.

Some people have had luck registering via their mobile devices, but we recommend that you use a laptop or desktop computer to avoid any potential headaches.

Please email any issues or concerns to the GMST Registrar, greenbeltswim AT gmail DOT com.