Swimmer Spotlight: Ruth White

We aren’t supposed to stop imagining, we’re just supposed to get better at it.” ~Ruth White

As we say farewell to our graduating seniors, the GMST community would like to congratulate Ruth White on her achievements both inside the pool and outside.

On May 16, at the Roosevelt High School Senior Award Ceremony, Ruth received the biggest senior scholarship: the Craig Memorial Award of $10,000!

Pic of RuthOnly one person in the entire school receives this award. The award presentation described Ruth’s involvement, contribution and service to the community. Ruth’s devotion is remarkable, and all of us can see that. She spent her valuable time to help children and the rest of the community by taking care of kids in summer camps, serving at the community hospital, coaching our development swimmers and working at our very own GAFC pool as a lifeguard. She has volunteered over 600 hours to the community and has shown the deepest interest in young children’s lives.

Ruth deserves this award and the GMST community is delighted that the award presenters were able to see her as we do: as an amazing girl who is going to change this world for the better.

As some of you know, Ruth’s family has experienced a couple of personal losses during the time that she has been a member of GMST. Ruth has grown into a stronger person as a result. Her family is grateful for the sense of community that GMST provides. Her mother, Saira is delighted to share Ruth’s achievement with us in the hopes that she inspires other swimmers to be the best they can be and to never give up because anything is possible!!!